Speaking up is hard enough without the added stress of thinking about where to find the answers to the questions you worry most about. Life as a teenager can be stressful enough as it is… from homework to friendships, fighting with parents to getting into college. This page has the contact information you need to find out where you can reach out. It’s never too late to speak up and talk, someone is always ready to listen.
There is no need to be embarrassed about asking questions or reaching out for help. It is okay to be concerned about your child and it is your job as a parent to make sure that you are doing everything you can to get them the support they need. As a parent, you have instincts about your child, and if your instinct tells you that something is wrong and this is not “just a phase” then you should listen to yourself.
ConnerStrong Foundation has partnered with SPTS to deliver clinically proven resources, workshops and training (on-line and in person) to our educators. These resources, workshops and training are based on scientific studies, learning and working with survivors and clinically proven data and facts.
We owe it to our children, young adults, families and communities to STOP this. Too many young lives are ended by this permanent solution to a temporary problem.

We cannot bring back those we have lost but we can take a step to make sure no one has to deal with such heartache and the associated pain ever again.

– Tom Worosz

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