On behalf of the ConnerStrong Foundation, and our entire family, I want to thank each every one of you for your support and joining us for our 6th Annual ConnerStrong Foundation Golf Tournament on June 6th.


Since the event, and figuring in shoulder surgery and a much needed vacation, we are happy to announce that through your generosity, we were able to raise $42,350.00. We were also able to immediately donate $10,000 to the GMU Center for Psychological Services so they can continue to provide much needed counseling services in our community. This year, we were sold out once again and had 25 additional people show up for the after-golf festivities. We were also fortunate to have Supervisor Lusk (Franconia District Supervisor), where ConnerStrong Foundation is located, in attendance and share with us his commitment and work with on mental health and suicide. It is truly wonderful to gain the friendship and support of our community leaders.  


I want to give a quick shout out to my wife and son for letting me do this. I say it a lot, but it is truly an act of love that they let me turn things upside down for months at a time to pull this together.

I also want to thank all our volunteers. Giving of your time means so much.

A special thank you to a few that do more than anyone will know, but in the end, this would be a complete bust.

Mary Worosz, thank you for being a rock for me and there has not been a better storyteller for Conner than you. I know that you not only captured Conner, but your ability to share his story in a way that impacted so many, is a blessing and I thank you for your bravery, courage, beautiful words.  


Katie Schneider & Steve Fraser- Thanks for your guidance, support and stepping up to help with all the signage, banners, pullovers, etc. If anyone ever needs help with an event, company swag or anything else- call TMMG, Inc.

JP Egbert – Love you like a brother. Thanks for being alongside through everything.

Tina Graham – You are hired! Amazing work and unrelenting efforts to help with the silent auction and raffle items.

To all of our sponsors. Thank you. It is not possible to continue our mission and events without the support and generosity. It also speaks volumes that organizations like yours are willing to make the investment in such a way and help in mental health awareness and suicide prevention. We look forward a continued partnership with you and hope you will continue in joining us in this fight.

Our photographer did another great job of capturing moments throughout the day. All of the photos are published on our Flikr account. Feel free to browse, share and download.

6th Annual ConnerStrong Foundation Golf Tournament | Flickr

As we end the summer and people begin to get ready for another school year, we look forward to continuing our efforts to bring our school program to any school interested. If you have access to a school or can help us penetrate a school, do not hesitate to reach out.

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